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Welcome. This website is a personal offering by home improvement expert, Tony Buck, to help you powerdown (save energy and money). Click on pages below.

From what I understand we are about to move into a time of strained resources. Most importantly, that we have reached ‘peak oil.’ That means our use of oil now exceeds the rate of discovery. Essentially, half of it’s gone and we’re going to use the other half up, I believe, in about 35 years. The form of the modern world exists because of the huge amount of energy we get from oil. I also believe climate change will have a vast influence on this century. So let’s figure out how to powerdown, while still enjoying our lifestyle.

Politicians are not leading the way, so
we’ve got to do it.
It was us that built this nation, so let’s get in sync with nature, push our vision to the future, and be the change we want to see.




Home Energy Reduction: Basement to attic video how-to

Water tank in return air closet (1)

Alternative energy: My solar efforts, explained

Collector construction

Growing Food

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Powerdown Diet

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Misc. actions/tips for reducing energy

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Music: Songs for the New Era

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Building Ideas: Zero energy walls and the ‘safe’ room

Twelve inch exterior wall


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Water Conservation

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